Reading week articles

  1. heres an artist( Cyrus Kabiru) that decided to give wasted materials a second chance, and by this I mean that he would take materials of all kinds from waste and put them together to create luxurious and beautiful eye wear. he achieves all this by using materials you can easily find, such as wires, pins, bottle tops etc..

another thing that I think made his pieces of art this successful is the fact that they are so unique and hard to find. I would say that they are all a one-off piece of jewellers and are very different and abstract compared to the traditional eye wears we see at the shops.

His way of creativity and expression is absolutely on a different level; its just something I could not explain while I was looking through his pieces of art.

I really love how dramatic he is with his art pieces. I really admire his way of thinking and imagination and I also love how he uses everything and anything without having to think too much about it or without having to be precise, to create something really captivating.

his pieces remind me of Pablo Picasso, because of how abstract they look and Peter Chang, because of how detailed and luxurious and perfect they look despite the fact he used waste materials.


2.  here another pice or art that is mind-blowing and honestly never seen or heard about something this weird in my whole life. this item is the KNOPS EARPLUGS , that allow you to turn the volume down in life. this product is actually innovative and really smart, because I feel that this is the actual ultimate and revolutionary and also kind of “rebellious” product that is so useful to avoid and to separate your self from the outside world. I would say that this is a piece of product that is not common and contains more than one option. I would also say that its pretty much suitable for people who’ve had a really busy day and are tired of being surrounded by noise and drama and want to separate themselves from it.



3.  another thing that got my attention straightaway Is the bizarre way those chairs looked made by bjarke ingels. I really loved the fact that they’ve been created to be in a school FOR KIDS in New York. this is to promote collaborative learning. the neutral colours should enable kids and adults learn in a calm environment.


what I really like about this piece of art is the fact its suitable for kids up to young adults looking for a quiet space. This is so captivating to me and honestly I also really love the juxtaposition of nature(green) and shapes and forms. this is what makes the thing as a whole perfect and the ideal place to be in when looking for relaxation. all this elements created simple objects.


4.  MATTEO THUN(Italian architect) created a series or I would call it a SET of vessels. something thats really captivating and engaging about this piece of art is the fact that they all have a smooth opaque finish, which adds uniqueness to the vessels and make them look refined as well.

what makes his pieces even more interesting is the fact that he used the cold-pressed technique to obtain this specific texture and not only he used that but he also mouth blowed each vessel and sanded them to form textures on their surface.

this applied technique made the vessels colours look diluted and very softened.

he uses cold and warm colours diluted by this technique to create balance among all the different shaped vessels.

and the colours he picks tend to communicate their meaning, in the sense that each colour speak for it self because of how bright or dull or captivating they look like.

I really love how calming and relaxing his coloured vessels look like. its simplicity and complicity is what, in my own opinion , makes the vessels captivating and beautiful.


5.  another piece of art, imagination, fantasy.. u name it! , made or orchestrated by the Italian fashion designer Elio Fiorucci is the exhibition that took place in Venice to show fashions revolution throughout the years.


 fiorucci took things and made them its own by rebranding them n personalising. he would go a mile further n even change the colours n make them brighter so people would be in a position where they can’t do without looking at that piece of cloth.

he basically would also take people taste and deceive them or intercept them by creating something abnormal, fun, and playful.

I really love how he adds patterns to his items to make them more engaging, less boring, less common, abnormal and abstract. this reminds me of African cultures n the colourful patterns that are always being incorporated to each adornment or piece of cloth.

in conclusion I can say that all those artist are revolutionary and have got a different way of thinking compared to the traditional ones we’ve now got.

this is what makes their pieces special and successful.




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